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this was hella funny!!!!!!

this was hella funny!!!!!!

Still falling in love everyday with him

It’s been 2 years 5months since we got together and I am still falling in love with you every single time we are together. I still miss you when we aren’t together… I know it’s crazy but this is what I call love and it definitely true…

Our early valentines dinner was just perfect… Our valentines day was the cherry on top of any cake out there… You always seem to know what I want and need… You go out of your way just to find the perfect gift for me. Even if you don’t have to, you still do it coz you love me.

You never fail to listen to me. You listen to me when I’m happy, sad, and when I nag. And that’s what makes me love you more.

When I’m with you I feel safe, happy and complete.

Super cute

Super cute

With him nothing is impossible

I’m not saying I haven’t noticed this but…. I just wanna say that with him nothing is impossible… He makes things happen for me. He makes the wrong right he makes the sadness happiness he makes the sun shine on me when I’m cold,… I know I don’t often tell him this but thank you babe… U always make me happy when things go wrong… There’s nothing I could ever ask for… Your my knight in shining armor, your my rainbow after every rain, your my one in a million..

My sugar baby died

I’ll never forget all our happy times together sugar…. Your one of the best dogs ever… I remember the first time I saw u… Followed you thinking u were lost and got in my house…. I eventually found out u belonged to one of our borders… He left you with us and never came back… The first time I held you I knew we were gonna be good friends… I remember saving my lunch money to buy ur dog foods… I never felt alone at home when u were there with me… Every morning when I was about to go to school u would never fail to watch me leave the house… Every time I came back from school I would see u sitting down wagging your tail and waiting patiently for me…. When I had a son u never got jealous you watched over him as well… You never bit him and most of all you were always ok for him to pull your tail..even if it jutted you… I will miss you my friend.. Alot… I’m sorry I wasn’t there when u had your last breath.. I was hoping so bad to see you when I had the chance to visit Philippines again.. I know for sure that u will be in a happy place now… And I know that u will still be my angel…

Sugar Ramos Died: march 27,2011 “I’ll always remember our bond”

What scares me the most?

Well I’m ok with almost anything sure I can run away when there is a spider infront of me but what I’m more scared of is that I don’t want to be alone… I have been left alone by almost everyone I ever loved… It’s the feeling that people will leave me in the end is what scares me the most…. That’s y I need to be with people all the time… Yeah that’s it

The past

When I get lonely I think about crazy stuff but most of the time I think about my past… I know there is nothing to think about coz what’s done is done.. But when I think about it… I sometimes say I’m lucky enough to be where I am people would kill to be in a place where I an now but,I do miss having no worries at all acting like a retarded spoiled brat but as I keep thinking about that I come to the conclusion that I was a pretty messed up brat… So all in all yeah right now happy to be standing on where I am in this world


on my planet? paris!!!!!